Wah~ totemo kirei desu <3

this is some good special editing ^_^

Fuck, kill me now, because this is just too SEXY!!!


Hell or Heaven making

Minami makes my pants wet *drools*


In case no one was aware of this. 

Next Weekly Playboy cover

Sooo beautiful, I&#8217;m just breathless ^_^

Next Weekly Playboy cover

Sooo beautiful, I’m just breathless ^_^


755 高橋みなみ

Just soooo drop dead GORGEOUS &lt;3


755 高橋みなみ

Just soooo drop dead GORGEOUS <3


-stefan introduces himself-

"the fuck kinda name is stefan anyways i’ve never met a guy called stefan don’t trust this asshole"

-king henry attacks the moors-

"oh shit’s about to go down"

-stefan drugs maleficent and cuts her wings off-

"see i fuckin told ya not to trust this asshole"

LMFAO!!! I like him!!!

I like how Atusko’s Graduation brings reminiscent and bonds together even till today.

Are ya fkn nuts? Tats fkn expensive? Why dun ya go fk yourself you piece of shite

Um… first of all, please check your spelling before you actually send someone a message.

Secondly, if you’re not interested, then don’t look at them in the first place.

Thirdly, I don’t know if you’re blind or if you’re illiterate, but I clearly state prices are negotiable-ish. 

So, I don’t know what you’re trying to play here, but whatever. 

Now go have a good day, sir. 

Selling my extra items… part 2

So I have a few extra items that I accidentally bought double of -_- which I want to sell to buy other stuff that I don’t have.

The prices list below are just for the items and is in USD. The shipping fee hasn’t been included yet, and it will afterwards. You’ll also be paying the paypal fee unless you sent the money to me differently somehow. 

I prefer to send to U.S only, but international could be arranged…

If you want to trade with me instead, that is fine too, but depending on the pictures that you have.

Finally, as a new seller I know I’m not trust worthy yet, but you just have to give me a chance to prove myself.

If you buy $25 worth of items not including shipping. I will throw in 1 pictures from these stacks. If you buy $50, you get 2. Buy $75, you get 3, and so forth. The first 10 buyers get to pick from either Atsuko, Minami, Haruna, or Yuko, but not the pictures. 

Prices are negotiable-ish, but it’s normally set. Just talk to me and we’ll figure things out. If you’re confuse, message me. 

Kasai Tomomi set = $25

$3 each photo 

Not selling these, but looking to complete them. I’m also looking for Takahashi Minami version of these photos too.

If you have any questions, message me ^_^

my email is: sila_truong@yahoo.com