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Takahashi Minami Fan Report 広島グリーンアリーナ 140727
Fan: How's Atsumina lately?
Takamina: Hm?
Fan: Atsumina!
Takamina: Atsumina? There's a play lately so...
Fan: Really! Still no kids?
Takamina: ...
Fan: No kids yet?
Takamina: (bows her head) It's tough...

OMG, Souchan!!! What r u doing???

*nose bleed gushing* N-nani sore?


OMG, Souchan!!! What r u doing???

*nose bleed gushing* N-nani sore?

Nisemono (Coming Soon)


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Them legs are to die for *drools*
Kowai! part 3

part 4 won’t be updated soon because i’m stuck with writing X3

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Kowai! part 3


A girl woke up with sweats all over her body. She examines to see if there was any mark, but none of them were left behind. She then checks her wrist, but there were no bruises either.

“Was that a dream?” She decided to get off the bed and went into the bathroom. 

“The dream felt so real…” She looked at the mirror to observe her face. There were no traces of her crying at all. 

She was standing for a few minutes, trying to replay the realistic dream inside her head, remembering that there was something she needed to confirm…

“Acchan took a bag of chips yesterday…” 

She walked towards her kitchen, slowly reaching for the cabinet, as she was scared to find out the truth. What if that bag of chips isn’t there? Then that means…

Yuko swallowed hard, closes her eyes, and opened the cabinet. She took a moment before opening her eyes to search for the snack…

There it was, sitting exactly where it was yesterday, brand new and unopened. She sigh out in relieve, and laugh at herself.

“There’s no way Acchan would do that, even if she loves Takamina a lot.” The squirrel continues to crack up as she heads to the bathroom again to take a shower. Her and Haruna will be having lunch with the other couples, and just thinking about it, brought a smile to her face.

Even though she had only just graduated, she already misses all her friends. Though as she was taking a shower, she can’t help, but to rethink about the dream. She felt bad for rejecting the friendship, but she meant what she said about Takamina being her only comrade. 

In the midst of showering, she shivered greatly, thinking of the last thing the ex-ace had said to her.

Don’t disappoint me, Yuko, or I’ll be back… with more…

Yuko paid it no mind for it was only a dream to her. She got ready and went to meet her girlfriend, wanting to spend time alone with Haruna before spending with the others.


Two girls in bed were cuddling together while they were asleep. The long hair girl was lying on the other’s shoulder, snuggling close to her neck, while the short hair was just content by being wrapped around her girlfriend’s arm. 

Both of them are already awake, but neither of them knew. They both just want to stay in the comfortable position that they are in, even though they are aware that they have to get ready soon. 

The short hair girl decided to wake her angel up by kissing her girlfriend softly around the face. Though, said girl continues to pretend that she’s still sleeping.

“Atsuko~ okite~” Takamina nuzzle her nose against Acchan’s, making the girl scrunches hers up. The leader laughs at her cute girlfriend, kissing the sleeping beauty before she gets smack by the girl. 

“Mou~ Miiinaaamiii~” The actress whine adorably, pouting her kissable lips, while still closing her eyes.

“Ooo-kiii-teee~” The captain pecks her girlfriend after each syllables, trying to get the girl up.

The ex-ace finally opened her eyes to stare at her petite girl. The person in front of each other’s eyes both made them held their breath. 

For Takamina, the moment Acchan opened her eyes, she can see all the love and the care that the girl has and still have for her. The dark brown eyes that only looks at her and no one else, and the face that has no make-up on, is still as perfect as ever. 

For Atsuko, the moment she opened her eyes, she can see the love of her life in front of her smiling sweetly. The genuine smile always gets to her because of how cute it was, especially the dimples. She will always make this goddess happy, protect her, and support her. 

“Kirei desu…” 


The girls said it at the same time, making them both laugh, but the soukantoku recovered first. She looks down at her ace, admiring the girl’s smile. She leant in to give her girlfriend a sweet tender kiss. It wasn’t a quick peck or a long hot make out session. It was just right to convey her feelings across. 

“I love you too, Atsuko.” She embraced the actress, enjoying the warmth that the girl emitted, feeling sleepy at the same time. She heard giggles coming from her girl, making her look up. 

“What’s so funny?”

“You, silly~” 

“How?” The soukantoku didn’t know what she did to cause the girl to laugh. She tilted her head to the side in question. 

“You wanted me to wake up, but look at who’s about to fall asleep.” The girl continued to chuckle. 

“Mou~ its comfortable here… in your arms…” The leader emphasize by snuggling even closer to her girlfriend. 

Acchan smiled while patting her girlfriend, smoothing out her hair. Times like this are what the ex-ace enjoys the most. It was just the two of them, being in their own world, with no distraction. She reaches her left hand out and intertwines it with the girl’s right. 

Takamina look up again, watching how their hands mold perfectly together. She lean down to place a kiss on her girl’s knuckles, then back to staring at the beauty in front of her. 

“We have to get ready now or we’ll be late.” The captain tried to stand up, but was pulled back down into an embrace. 

“Atsuko~” The girl whines to her girlfriend even though she didn’t even bother to escape. 

“It’s fine if we’re late, they won’t be there early anyway.” 

“We need to shower though…”

“We can always shower later… together~” Acchan whispered seductively into her lover’s ear, making the girl blush. 

“Ah ha ha… I think someone is calling for me.” 

“Minami~ you know as well as I do that we’re the only ones here.” The actress pouted her puffy lips, giving her best puppy eyes to the small girl. 

“Why you gotta be so cute Atsuko?” The soukantoku shook her head, can’t believe that she’ll give in easily to the ace every time. 

“Hehe, you know you love me.” The ex-center smiled brightly, making Takamina smiled too.

“Yes, I love you, and only you.” The leader said sincerely, causing her girl to turn red.


Both girls came closer to each other’s face, closing their eyes, and shortening the distance between their awaiting lips. The touch was electrifying, giving them the same feeling and sensation as when they first shared their kiss together, leaving them both breathless. 

“Let’s go Atsuko.” Takamina stood up, holding her hand out for the girl to take.

“Hmmm, so shower later then?” Acchan asked innocently.

“Hai, hai.” The captain gave up. 

“Yay~ Minami~”

Both girls went to get themselves ready for the get-together with the other members. They finishes up, leaving their apartment hand in hand, walking towards their destination. 


“Do you guys see what I see?” A short girl asked her friends while staring at a certain couple.

“Yes. They’re sooo cute aren’t they?” Mariko replied, swooning over how cute the couple is. 

“They’ve been walking and stopping for the past 10 minutes, and they still haven’t reached us yet!” said the short girl frustrated. 

“Just let them be, they’ll see us eventually.” Miichan just shrugged it off, continuing to watch her girlfriend take pictures of the couple. 

“We all supposed to hang out today… Aren’t you a bit annoyed, Tomochin?” The short girl tried to find a partner in crime. 

“Nope, besides, they don’t get to see each other a lot…” 

“Yeah, Tomo feel bad for them too.” Chiyuu said, referring herself in third person, holding onto the duck lip girl’s arm. 

The girl was about to asked her twin tower friend, but decided against it since they seem to be fawning over the couple too.

“Don’t you find them adorable, Yuuchan?” Haruna asked, while looking at the couple with her friends. 

Said couple is none other than the captain and ace duo, who is also known as Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. The two were holding hands, whispering and giggling with each other, window shopping at the same time. 

“I gue-“

“Hey everyone~” The couple finally saw their friends, and walked over. Acchan gave each and every one of them a hug except for Yuko. 

“How’s graduation?” The actress asked, staring at the squirrel, while smiling a bit differently. 

No one seems to catch the weirdness, continues to watch them, waiting for the asked girl to answer. Though said girl was having a quick flashback of her dream, making her sweat slightly, as she look at the ex-ace.

“I-it’s tiring, b-but its needed t-to be d-done.” 

“Why are you stuttering like that Yuuchan?”

“Yeah, why are you stuttering like that, Yuko?” Acchan asked, reaching out to touch the squirrel’s shoulder, but said girl flinched. 

Everyone watches as the new graduated girl was acting off. They couldn’t understand why the girl was being like that towards their friend.

“What’s the matter with you, Yuko?” Takamina asked, feeling a bit irritated that her girlfriend was just being worried, while the comrade was being rude. 

“It’s okay, Minami, she’s probably sick or something.” The taller of the two tried to calm her other half down, at the same time with no one watching, looking at Yuko with a smug face. 

“Let’s go eat everyone…” Mariko stepped in, trying to break the ice. 

Since the AtsuMina couple knows where to go, Takamina held onto Acchan’s hand and walked towards the café first, leaving the rest behind. 


Kowai! part 2

Kowai! part 2

Third POV

*ding dong*

“Eh who would come here at this time of hour?”

*ding dong*

“Hai, hai, I’m coming.” 

As the girl opened the door, the ex-ace of AKB was standing there smiling weirdly at her, making her shiver slightly.


“Can I come in?”

The owner of the apartment let the actress in, but still wearing a confuse look on her face. She wonders why Atsuko came to her and disturb her sleep, but whatever it was, it must have been important. 

“Um, what’s wrong, Acchan?” They both sit on the couch, with the girl staring at her friend. 

“Why did you reject her friendship?” Atsuko asked straight to the point with no hint of amusement in her tone. 

“Eh? You came here at this time of night just to talk to me about that?” The squirrel laughs hard, but seeing the dangerous look on the ex-ace’s face made her shut up. 

“I already explained it, Acchan, I don’t want a best friend and Minami is better suited as my comrade.” Yuko explained, but the answer was not satisfactory to the actress. 

“Not good enough.” Atsuko said coldly, scrunching her eyebrows as she stood up quickly, making the newly graduated girl flinch. 

“W-what do you m-mean?” The girl asked as she was being dragged to her bedroom, and thrown to her bed roughly. By the time she snapped out of being surprised, she was already handcuffed to the bed post. 

“I’m flattered, Acchan, but I only love Haruna. I find you attractive and all, but don’t you have Taka-“ One look from the actress, and she immediately shut up again. The eyes were shooting daggers at her, making her fear for her life.  

She struggled to let herself loose from the cuff, but they were too tight against her wrist. She looks at Atsuko, seeing the girl getting some things out of the bag. What she saw made her pale, made her want to scream, but no voice could come out of her.

She continues to yank the cuff to get away from the crazy girl in front of her, but it was no use. She then opens her mouth, getting ready to scream, but a rag was shoved into her. She looks up at the ex-center, starting to cry, but only cold silent darkness reflected from the dark orbs of her friend. 

“You will regret rejecting Minami… Yuko.” The way Atsuko said Yuko’s name is like the way the shinigami come to rid you of your life, rid you of happiness, and rid you of your love ones. 

The squirrel had already started to regret her decision of making things lighter in that last stage performance. How she wish she could of turn back time, but of course there was no such thing. 

Acchan pulled out a handy air pumper, bags of deflated balloons, and a short thick whip. She smiled down at the girl below, but the smile was evil, it was full of ill-intention that will be bestowed upon the girl.

“You know you brought this upon yourself, right, Yuko?” The ex-ace said while filling the balloons with air.

“I don’t want to do this at all, but what you did to Minami was unforgivable.” The actress said the last word with conviction. 

Atsuko continues to fill up all the balloons as Yuko look back on her life. The girl didn’t expect herself to be in this predicament at all. She wonders if she knew about this event beforehand, would she still have rejected Takamina’s friendship? She would probably not to save herself from dying. 

She turns to look at her friend. She would have never guessed the girl in front of her would be so demonic over her love for the short comrade. When people say ‘loves make you do crazy things,’ they were damn right. She never imagined that she would be the receiving end of this ‘crazy things’ though. 

As the actress finishes up pumping the last balloon, Yuko sent a mental message to her girlfriend, as she doesn’t know if she’ll survive the torture. 

“Nyan Nyan, I love you. I hope I’ll get to see you again in my next life.”

“Don’t look so sad, Yuko, you won’t die from this.” The girl chuckled, covering the squirrel’s body with the blanket. She then sets the balloon all around them, making the girl underneath flinch each time she comes into contact with them.

“Let this lesson begin, ne?” Acchan settles on Yuko’s belly, holding a sharp needle in one hand, and the balloon in the other. She puts it near the girl’s ear and…


Soft cries can be heard from the girl below, but the ex-ace gave it no mind. In fact, she grins each time the girl would struggle or cries even harder. 

The girl on top went through a dozen more of balloons, but she didn’t pop them immediately. She rubs the rubber on Yuko before deflating them. Each time she does that, it was in a different rhythm. She pops the balloon at random times so that the squirrel couldn’t brace herself. Sometimes she does it near the girl below ears, sometime she does it right near the face, and sometimes she pops more than one consecutively. 

“Awww, don’t cry, Yuko.” Acchan wipes the tears away, but they just kept coming out.

“There are more things to do, but let’s take a break, okay?” The girl hopped off of her victim and went into the kitchen to find food. She came back to the room with a bag of chips and started eating them.

“These are good, Yuko, I need Minami to buy me some.” Whenever the ex-center would mention her girlfriend’s name, light can be seen in her eyes. Her kind and gentleness would come back, but then it’ll quickly switch over to emptiness as she remembers how upset Takamina was. 

The newly graduated girl wonders if the leader knows about this side of her girlfriend. She wants to know if her comrade would still love the ex-face, if she knows the girl is insane. Knowing the soukantoku, she probably still loves her forever ace, and that will only encourage Acchan to be even more destructive. 

The short girl was getting tired.  She was exhausted from her performances, and this torture. She starts drifting off to sleep as her mind was not occupied with anything except for her girlfriend’s smiling face. 


The sound that the girl dreaded the most came back and snapped her out of dream land. She really can’t take another hour of balloon rubbing and popping around her. She thinks she’ll go crazy like the ex-ace of AKB by the time her friend is done with her.

She tries to speak, to beg for forgiveness, but her mouth is still clogged. 

“What was that? I can’t hear you, Yuko~” The actress giggled as she took the rag out of the squirrel’s mouth.

“Please, Acchan, I’m sorry. Please let me go… I already regretted Acchan.” Tears continued to stream down the girl’s face.

“Hmmm, dame~ I don’t think you’ve fully learned your lesson yet, Yuko~” Before the girl below could utter more apologies, more balloons were being deflated by Atsuko, causing the girl to cry harder. 

“You need to be quiet, or else I have to stick the rag in again~” The girl look at her torturer’s eyes, there were no hints of it being a joke. It reflected seriousness like when Takamina was in charge of the full group. The girl swallowed hard, and nodded her head in agreement.

“Good girl~ and don’t worry, I’ll be done in no time. I have to get back to my Minami after all~” The actress smiled cutely. She gathered what’s left of the balloon that didn’t get a chance to be deflated, and put it near Yuko again.

The squirrel continues to whimper and cry silently as the thing she hates the most and scared of the most is next to her, making that awful sound that will haunt her forever. 




This time the ex-center just stabbed them all continuously instead of the playful manner that she had before. She was getting tired of Yuko, and she had stayed too long away from her Minami. She needs to get the idea across, and make sure that the girl would do what she is told.

“Ne, I’m getting bored of you and all the balloons are gone, so I’ll just tell it to you straight.” The girl beneath was thanking god that the torture is over, and she can’t wait to get away from her crazy friend to tell Takamina about it.

“First, don’t think just because I’m done with you, you can just go and tell my Minami about it.” Acchan hold onto the whip that she brought and played with it, smiling wickedly at the newly graduated girl. The girl swallows the lump in her throat, and continued listening.

“Second, do you understand why I am doing this?” There was a few seconds of silence before it hit the girl that she needed to answer her friend. 

“B-because I rejected T-Takamina?” Yuko doesn’t have a clear mind to think anymore, but she’s confident that it has something to do with the soukantoku. 

“Well yes, but more importantly, you hurt her. Did you know she was crying into my arms, feeling sad that you decline her offer of friendship? I don’t even understand why she wanted a friendship from you! No offense…”

“None taken?” 

“She doesn’t need you. She got me! I’m the only one who won’t hurt her… but if it makes her happy then I’m willing to accept it.” There was a small hint of sadness in the ex-ace’s eyes, making Yuko feel bad and touched by what she said. 

“Which bring us to third. I want you to beg Minami for the friendship she offered.” 


“I’m sorry, what?” The squirrel asked, confused by what her friend had said, earning a death glare by the beautiful girl. 

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Yuko.” The actress got off the bed, holding the whip in hand, and started swinging it in a practice manner. 

“A-Acchan, you’re not g-gonna do that, a-are you?” Sweats formed and dripped down the girl’s face. 

“Hmmm, I’ve been wanting to try this though, dame ka?” Atsuko pouted those perfect lips of hers, giving Yuko her puppy eyes, though, those puppy eyes are dead and emotionless. She approaches the handcuffed girl, raising her hand to get the force she needed, and…


“Ah! Itai!” 


“Acchan yamete!”


The short girl cried again, but the death angel paid no mind. She continued to unleash her wrath on the poor girl, embedding her point across.

After several minutes being under the whip, the squirrel’s body became numb, and exhaustion has finally taking a toll on the girl. She tries to get a hold of herself, but her eyes began to close. Before she retires to the safe comfort of blacking out, she heard the most frightening words from Maeda Atsuko… 

Don’t disappoint me, Yuko, or I’ll be back… with more…

Kowai! part 1

I posted this on jphip already, telling people that if by Atsuko’s birthday, I couldn’t write another fic, then this fic will be for her bday tribute even though it has nothing to do with her birthday at all lol



“She rejected me, Atsuko.” She said to me while crying into my arms.

“It’s okay Minami, I’m here, and I’ll always be with you.” I comforted her. I can’t help, but be sad with her. 

“Atsuko…” She called out to me, making me wonder what she’ll say. 


“I really wanted Yuko’s friendship…” She said to me. I frowned slightly, thinking that maybe Minami likes her, and wanted to leave me. 

“Do you really want it, Minami?” I asked her without showing my true feelings. 

“It’s not like that… You know I love you Atsuko, and that will never change… I just thought Yuko and I can be closer than just comrades, you know?” She hugged me, reassuring me that what she said was real. That her love really only belongs to me. 

“I’ll talk to Yuko about it then.” I smiled lovingly at her, knowing that she is still mine, and that she only just wanted friendship with the ungrateful squirrel. 

“What?” She asked me confusedly. I chuckled at her cuteness.

“Yuko will beg to be your friend. Okay? Minami~” I told her because I must do something about it, to cheer her up. 

“Ah, u-un.” She just nodded her head, agreeing with what I said. I like how she doesn’t question me, and just supports me. 

“Don’t worry about it too much. Let’s go to bed now, Minami~” I dragged her to the bedroom, and push her down on the bed. I don’t want her to think about it anymore. 

“Eh? Atsu-“ She didn’t get to finish as I got on top and kissed her. She responded immediately, bringing a smile to my lips. 

“Shhh, don’t talk… just… love me, okay?” I told her, but she was just staring at me. Her eyes are so serious and so full of love that I had to look away.

“Atsuko, look at me…” She held onto my face, making me look at her.

“I love you.” She smiled at me genuinely, the smile that only I get to see. I blushed, making her laugh.

“Mou~ don’t laugh.” I said, hitting her chest playfully, making her laugh even harder. 

“Itai” I heard her said. I stopped immediately to check on her.

“Minami, I’m sorry, did I hit too hard?” I lean down to look at her.

“Got ya.” She held on to me and spun us around before I realized that I was now underneath. 

“How could you? I thought I really hurt you.” I pouted, and turned to the side, feigning mad. 

“Gomen ne, Atsuko, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She intertwines her left hand with my right, tracing my face with her other. 

“Kirei desu. I’m so lucky to have you.” She said to me, but really, I’m the one who is lucky to have her. 

She’s the only one who can make my heart beat, make me blush, make me have butterflies, and make me want to do things to her that I would never imagine I would do. She’s my everything, and only a fool would make this girl sad.

Speaking of the fool, I need to do something about the squirrel. How dare she reject my Minami’s friendship! She won’t see what’s coming to her. 

“What are you thinking about?” She snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm, nothing.” I told her, but she just kept staring at me. She leant down, giving me a kiss, and looked at me again.

“Whatever is troubling you, I’ll make it go away.” She kisses me on the lips, on my cheeks, my forehead, my eyes, then back to my lips. She starts unbuttoning the top of my blouse, but I held her hands still. 

“What are you doing?” I whispered. She’s quiet again, just watching me with her gentle eyes. 

“I’m just loving you.” She smiled down at me, bringing the redness back to my face. She continues to unbutton my shirt, but this time I let her. 

She finishes with my button, lifted me up to take off the blouse. She puts me back down slowly, unhooking my bra at the same time. I covered my asset for suddenly I feel shy. I look up at her wondering why she has stopped moving. 

“You’re so beautiful, Atsuko~” She has answered me without me asking the question. I swear she can read my mind sometimes. 

“I can’t read your mind Atsuko, but I can read you.” She did it again. It’s hard to believe she’s not reading my thoughts. 

“I can look at your eyes, your face, your expression, your body, and understand what you’re feeling or what you’re trying to say.” She came close to my face, caressing my cheek, and nuzzles my nose. I smiled while crinkling them, loving how affectionate she is. 

“Hontoo ni?” I asked her, biting the bottom of my lip. 

“Un, like right now, you’re worrying…” She suddenly took my right hand and places it on her chest. 

“Do you feel my heart, Atsuko?” She asked me with such gentle tones. I nodded my head as an answer to her question. 

“Only you make me feel like this.” She stares into my eyes, and I can see through them. Her eyes didn’t waver at all. She was honest with her feelings, and I felt bad for doubting her.

“Gomen ne, Minami…” I pulled her down to a tight embrace, hoping that she can understand that I really felt guilty.

“It is okay, Atsuko, I understand.” She pulls away, leaning in to kiss my lips. I am always amazed by how soft her lips are. I can’t get enough of them. I want more. I grabbed on to her, and immediately she understood. She really wasn’t lying when she said she can read me.

“I love you, Atsuko.” She continues to strip me away from my clothes, including her own.

“I love you too, Minami.” I blushed after saying those words, but she was just smiling at me. Her smile told me that she appreciates me, even though I have a hard time of telling her my feelings, she still accepts me. 

I truly am lucky to have Minami by my side, and I will never let her go. I definitely will not let anyone make her unhappy. Those who do, needs to be punish for making god’s most perfect creation sad. 

I was in my train of thoughts, when she starts kissing and sucking on my neck, making whatever I had in mind gone. The feeling was too good to be ignored, especially since Minami knows what she’s doing, and she definitely knows my body well. 

As she starts melting me and consuming me with her love, I had one last thought in mind.

Wasn’t I supposed to make her feel better?

♥Atsumina♥ for 23th birthday of Atsuko

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